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5 November 2021


Lady Fugasetta uses Escargò, a zero-emission pedal assisted tricycle, which provides sustainable mobility by promoting the concept of zero environmental impact. The medium allows affiliated entrepreneurs […]
29 October 2021

The legend of the Fugasetta

It is said that in ancient times, fugasette, a typical poor dish of Ligurian cuisine, recognized as a variant of cheese focaccia , were the food […]
29 October 2021

The recipe of Fugasetta

The fragrant Fugasetta can be consumed at breakfast, lunch and #dinner, even as a night snack. Flour, water, yeast, oil, salt are all simple ingredients that […]
18 October 2021

What does Fugasetta mean?

The word Fugasetta is the diminutive of Fugassa, in the Genoese dialect, that comes from the Latin Focus-Foci or fireplace. Its meaning is double, referring to […]