Ladyfugasetta represents a job opportunity for small catering entrepreneurs. The brand offers its affiliates a series of competitive advantages to favor the birth and start-up of the company:

Training Course: The course to acquire the procedures for the realization of the product, thus maintaining a single and equal standard for all the points of sale in the chain.

StartUp Financing: Thanks to the agreement with major microcredit companies, Ladyfugasetta can facilitate financing for the start-up of the company.

Legal and bureaucratic support: Accompaniment in all legal and bureaucratic procedures necessary for starting the business.

Escargò set up: All affiliates will be provided with an Escargò set up and ready to go on the road.

Zone exclusivity: To ensure that the artisans within the network do not compete with each other and to give everyone the same opportunities, the affiliates will be assigned to a reference area, dedicated to it.

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Ladyfugasetta is looking for partners aged 18 plus, with these requirements:

~ Entrepreneurial spirit and organisational self-sufficiency

~ Experience in the catering industry/or inclination to training in the sector

~ Travelling licence and registration to acquire it

~ Good communication and marketing skills

~ Preferably licence holder A or B


Street food also represents a moment of social gathering, especially for young people.

The use of branded vehicles with an elegant and attractive aesthetic guarantees greater public satisfaction; in addition, the vehicles used, tricycles with zero emission pedal assistance, with no environmental impact, are a plus that fits into the current ecological debate that increasingly takes place in the consumer's awareness.

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