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10 December 2021

Franchising Lady Fugasetta

LadyFugasetta offers the opportunity to become an affiliate, at no cost of local restructuring and hiring of staff. For those who have an entrepreneurial spirit and […]
5 December 2021

Lady Gourmet

Lady, title that belongs to English nobildonne is appropriate to our Fugasetta. Ladyfugasetta is a fugasetta lady, with an inviting appearance and an inimitable taste.  Aboard […]
19 November 2021

Ladyfugasetta respects the environment

Ladyfugasetta is a green streetfood, which also includes the social and environmental dimension in its business, as well as the economic one, with the placing of […]
12 November 2021

Itinerant fry shop

Ladyfugasetta is an author street food that with great passion has managed to make known in all regions of Italy a new and fragrant taste belonging […]