Lady Fugasetta uses Escargò, a zero-emission pedal assisted tricycle, which provides sustainable mobility by promoting the concept of zero environmental impact.

The Escargò runs on batteries, a real eco-sustainable vehicle that can be accessed in pedestrian areas and urban areas with limited traffic.

The vehicle allows entrepreneurs to place the Escargò in highly frequented areas, such as urban centers.

In addition, its captivating aesthetic is able to generate great curiosity.


Lady Fugasetta is an author's street food that comes from an entrepreneurial design based on the Ligurian gastronomic tradition.

His ability consists in combining the goodness of a typical quality product, with a brand that guarantees qualitative reliability, through a smart and ecological vision of production and distribution.

TheEscargòis a vehicle particularly suitable for the street food sector, which can be branded, customized with specific equipment and accessories and characterized by an elegant aesthetic that attracts the interest of consumers.

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