What is the Fugasetta?

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28 September 2021
What does Fugasetta mean?
18 October 2021

Fried and tasted hot with a casting of melted cheese

What is the Fugasetta? This question that usually no one know the answer. However, we experts of the Ligurian tradition are ready to unravel the enigma… Well, the Fugasette are warm and fragrant Ligurian scones a delicacy for fine palates . Enjoyed alone or accompanied by a good white wine , the fugasette filled with stracchino, soft and queuing are perfect at any time of the day, they are eaten with great pleasure even by the youngest. The legend of Fugasetta tells of ancient origins as well as explaining its etymology, or the deep meaning of its extravagant name. But to know more … follow us and download our app on our social channels Soon we will tell you an interesting story , based on a great passion and stable traditions.